"The Creator be a baneling"
―Tobias Brogan[src]

Tobias Brogan was the Lord General of the Blood of the Fold. He was the brother of Lunetta Brogan and made use of her talents as a sorceress, despite preaching that magic must be destroyed. He captured Kahlan Amnell and Adie but was killed by his sister.

Biography Edit

Early life Edit

Tobias, a gifted male native to Nicobarese, was born to a mother that was a sorceress and had an older sister that was a sorceress as well. In Nicobarese the use of magic was seen as evil, so Tobias's mother taught his sister, Lunetta, how to hide his gift from him, so he could grow up without its taint. The family was fiercely protective of Tobias, even killing three Sisters of the Light when they appeared to take him to the Palace of the Prophets. His mother always said he was destined for great things, and as a result Lunetta changed her appearance to appear ugly as to not draw attention to herself.

When Tobias was grown he killed many innocents, falsely accused of being Banelings. He would always cut off the left nipple of his victims as a prize, since it was closest to their heart.

Blood of the Fold Edit

Brogan arrives at Aydindril because of the rumours of the Mother Confessor's death. He believes that her death was faked, and wishes to discover her whereabouts to kill her. To do this, he investigates in Aydindril by accosting and torturing suspicious people.

The Lord General, Lunetta and his right hand man Galtero attend, alongside other officials, the meeting called by Lord Rahl. Rahl's speech angers Brogan and convinces him that Lord Rahl is a baneling. Lord Rahl ask to speak with Brogan in private, where he tells him to stop kidnapping people. Brogan pretends to be an ally. They exchange Brogan's knife for a silver coin belonging to Rahl as a friendly gesture.

After the meeting, Brogan, Lunetta and Galtero go to a midden heap at the edge of the city, looking for Duchess and Duke Lumholtz (officials they met at the meeting). Lunetta had cast a circle spell to prevent their escape. The Duke is frozen in place by Lunetta, while his wife is pinned down by Galtero. Brogan slices off the woman's left nipple, which Lunetta uses to cast a spell that would make the Duchess do their bidding. Brogan disembowels the Duke, to make it look like a mirswith killed him. Brogan rewards Galtero by letting him rape the Duchess in the meanwhile.

Death Edit

Throughout the book, Blood of the Fold, Brogan seems to approach closer and closer to insanity. Even stating "The Creator be a baneling." When he found out that, he too, was gifted, he went mad. Unable to cope with the fact that he has the gift, which in his eyes would make him a baneling, he called himself the Creator. He was eventually killed by his sister named Lunnetta, a sorceress, who he hypocritically used to achieve the Blood of the Fold's goals.

Lord General of the Blood of the Fold Edit

Personality and traits Edit

Tobias was a man skilled at using a sword. He wore a mustache and possessed a scar above his mouth, acquired during a battle between Lunetta, his mother and the Sisters of the Light who came to take him to the Palace of the Prophets because he had the gift.

Powers and abilities Edit

Tobias Brogan was born with the gift and can use Additive Magic. When Tobias realized he had the gift, he had gone insane and unleashed lightning which nearly hit Kahlan. He also struck Kahlan with a blast of hardened air. He then was killed by Lunetta.

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