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Tom Rahl was a secret protector of the Lord Rahl who used the cover of travelling with his brothers selling wine to remain close to Lord Rahl at all times. He later fell in love with his master's sister, Jennsen Rahl, with whom he would choose to live with in the world without magic created by Richard. Their descendant, Alexander Rahl, was the first to learn of the world with magic and helped the Cain opposition.


He first met Jennsen when she tried to find her goat and horses. He offered her some wine and tried to be of some assistance when she was in distress. He told her he couldn't help her more than the wine at that time though. He later drove to Jennsen when she was on the Azirith plains and offered her food, water, wine, and a ride. She welcomed the offer and they went to Althea's swamp together. He helped her get back to the People's Palace after she got out of the swamp. He also helped her get to where Sebastian was located and then continued to go on his way. He reappeared at the Pillars of Creation with Betty and his trusty wagon. It is here that he was revealed as a protecter of Lord Rahl and that Cara knew who he was. He helped Richard, Kahlan, Cara, and Jennsen by giving them a ride out of the Pillars of Creation.

Personality and traits[]

He was a tall strong man with blonde hair and blue eyes. He seemed to be a very timid person though he was kind as well. He was skilled with weaponry and had very good aim as he could throw a dagger across the Pillars of Creation and hit a mark dead on. He is very deadly too as he joked with Jennsen that he wouldn't have let her touch Lord Rahl if he thought she was a danger to him.