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Kahlan and Richard set out to rescue a girl named Annabelle, the only other living Confessor, from being sold to a rogue wizard and his thugs. Flynn accidentally gets confessed by Annabelle. Kahlan tells Annabelle she must be trained to control her power, but Flynn tricks them and runs away with Annabelle. Annabelle manages to confess a few men in the woods, including Richard after he shows up with Kahlan. Flynn realizes they must still find the Stone of Tears or everyone will die, and they find an amulet inside the tomb. They use the Quillion taken from the rogue wizard to drain Annabelle's powers and release Richard and Flynn from her confession. The amulet contains a compass with the inscription: "This orb will guide the seeker's way".

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Kahlan and Richard set out to rescue a mysterious girl named Annabelle, the only other living Confessor, and try to prevent her from accidentally unleashing the powers she possesses.

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  • Michael Whalley as Flynn
  • Aimee Teegarden as Annabelle

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  • Andries Mentz as D'Haran
  • Abigail Greenwood as Tharla
  • Andrea Kelland as Agnes
  • Arthur Ranford as Merchant
  • Celia Nicholson as Prioress
  • David Wooley as Lord Callum
  • Katherine Redmond-Hubbard as Josephine
  • Kelly Kilgour as Woodsman
  • Rob Williams as Guard
  • Ross Duncan as Lorcus
  • Vasa Tasele as Krim

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Legend of the Seeker: Touched