The Ven Forest was a dense forest east of Hartland Woods in Westland close to the boundary, consisting largely of maple, balsam fir, oak, pine, spruce, white birch, and nannyberry trees which turned crimson as Autumn approached, eventually losing their leaves during Winter. Other forms of vegetation included the Aum plant, ferns, and wildflowers. The woods was also riddled with a number of small rocky streams and brush. Native wildlife included wolves, rabbits, beavers, snakes, frogs, and a variety of birds, particularly ravens. Precipitation was common, but not normally in significant amounts (except during the Winter).

The upper Ven Forest consisted mostly of hardwood forests. As you moved south, they would give way to ancient pines that soar to dizzying heights before the limbs branched out.

The Ven Forest was largely unpopulated by the Westland population, due to its proximity to the boundary. Hawker's Trail ran through the Ven Forest from north to south. Even Richard rarely went up into the Ven close to the boundary. Older people would not go within miles of it. Others went closer when they traveled on Hawker's Trail or to hunt, but none got too close.

Ven Forest was afflicted by a network of snake vines just before the boundary failed.