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I know the woman. She's a stubborn one when she's happy and impossible when she's not. I'll be glad she'll be on our side, Lord Rahl, and not the other way round.

Verna Sauventreen was the Prelate of the Sisters of the Light, succeeding Annalina Aldurren after she faked her death. It was Verna who originally brought Richard Rahl to the Palace of the Prophets and subsequently helped him to escape, fulfilling prophecy, after the revelation that Sisters of the Dark secretly lived within the Palace. Loyal to Richard, this bond of fidelity served to protect Verna from the powers of Emperor Jagang and she later joined his D'Haran Empire.

Unfortunately, during the Imperial Order War, Verna would face constant threats and even personal loss; specifically in the form of the death of her husband Warren. Despite this, Verna continued to aid in Richard's efforts to defeat the Imperial Order, acting largely as the leader of all the gifted forces of D'Hara.

Following the end of the war, at the conclusion of which the D'Haran forces claimed victory, Verna remained the Prelate of the Sisters of the Light, and oversaw their efforts to help train young wizards in the use of the gift at the Wizard's Keep.


Early life[]

At a young age it became apparent that Verna was very talented in the gift and the Sisters of the Light offered to take her in and train her to use it for the good of the Creator. Verna's mother was a skip, meaning she did not have the gift and so could not help train Verna to be a sorceress. Verna accepted the Sisters offer and became a novice.

When Verna first met Prelate Annalina Aldurren, she received a warm smile from the Prelate, something she always remembered. Early in their training, the Palace always tested a young novice by blaming her for an offense she did not actually commit, to see her reaction. Most cried or allowed herself to take the blame, yet Verna alone became angry at this injustice. Ann saw Verna's reaction and was immediately amused, as she then knew that Verna was one mentioned in a prophecy of great relevance to the coming war. Ann from that day forth used Verna in the Creator's most important work, though Verna herself was not aware of this.

Verna was always able to wield her Han more assuredly than any of the other novices and became close friends with novices Janet, Phoebe, Amelia, and especially Christabel. The five friends all eventually became Sisters.

After becoming a Sister, Verna began a relationship with a young wizard by the name of Jedidiah. Verna and Jedidiah had a daughter named Leitis together, who was unfortunately not gifted and was then given to a family outside of the Palace to raise. Verna went and saw Leitis as she grew older, to make sure she had a good life and eventually was given the news that Leitis died of old age, while she remained young. Verna was soon after assigned to go on a mission to bring Richard Rahl to the Palace with Sisters Grace and Elizabeth.

Journey's end[]

The offers[]

After a twenty year journey, Sisters Verna, Grace, and Elizabeth finally discovered the whereabouts of the boy with the gift of magic they had been sent out from the Palace to find. They arrived at the village of the Mud People and asked its leader, the Bird Man, knowing a little of the Mud People's language, to bring the parents of this boy.

The Sisters find Richard Rahl.

Richard Rahl and Kahlan Amnell appeared in the spirit house of the Mud People, where the three Sisters were waiting. The Sisters assumed that they were the parents of the boy they had come for, but were quite shocked when it was revealed that Richard, a man in his mid-twenties, was in fact the one they were searching for.

The Sisters introduced themselves and quickly informed Richard that he possessed the gift and that it would soon kill him, if he were not trained. Richard was suspicious of the Sisters, more so when he learnt that he would be required to wear a Rada'Han if he were to come with them. Richard was told he will have three chances to take the Rada'Han. Grace gave him the first offer, which he refused, causing her to kill herself with her Dacra, passing her gift onto the other two Sisters.

Verna and Elizabeth sent the new knowledge that Richard was fully grown to the Palace, via their Journey Book, before returning and giving him the second offer. Elizabeth gave the offer this time, which Richard again refused. Elizabeth attempted to kill herself but Richard intervened, forcing Verna to do the deed herself. With this, Verna received the gifts of both Sisters Grace and Elizabeth.

Verna returned to the Mud People's village and again gave Richard the offer. He and Verna had a brief confrontation, but Kahlan intervened and commands Richard to wear the Rada'Han, to save him, though he does not realize this. Richard and Verna then left by horseback from the village of the Mud People.

Returning to the Palace[]

Sister Verna and Richard during their journey.

It immediately became clear that there was a large amount of animosity between Verna and Richard. Verna was contemptuous of Richard's belief that the Keeper of the Underworld, was close to achieving his goal of destroying the world of life. On the first night they made camp, Richard came close to ending the Sisters life while she slept. That night when Richard finally slept, Verna went for a walk and discovered a lock of hair, given to Richard by Kahlan as they parted, discarded by Richard and kept it.

Several disagreements occurred between Richard and Verna on their long journey to the Old World. However Verna did attempt to teach Richard to touch his Han, however this failed. When first attempting this Richard had a strange vision involving his deceased father, Darken Rahl.

Verna and Richard passed between the Great Barrier that separated the New World from the Old. While passing the great spelled land, Richard collected black sorcerers sand from a tower there. Verna was trapped in an enchantment, however Richard freed her. After this, Verna told Richard he must make a sacrifice for a savage people called the Majendie so they may pass through their land. However Richard attacked the Majendie instead and rescued their would-be-sacrifice, Du Chaillu.

Verna was furious with Richard and wary of Du Chaillu, who had promised to allow them safe passage through her land. Verna's suspicions proved correct when Richard was forced to battle thirty of the Baka Ban Mana's blade masters. Richard survived by using the Sword of Truth in a way described by Prophecy. Richard was made the Caharin of Du Chaillu's people and they escorted he and Verna to the city of Tanimura, where the Palace was situated.

Richard delivered a warning speech to all the Sisters and young men present at his welcoming, when he and Verna arrived at the Palace. In response, Sister Maren broke Verna through the ranks to a novice, because she had failed to bring Richard to heel. Shortly after, Verna visited Richard in his room and much of the animosity between them seemed to have faded, though they were yet to be friends.

Verna shows Richard to his room.

New loyalties[]

Verna tried several times to gain a meeting with the Prelate, whom she saw as responsible for her demotion, however she was unsuccessful. She also ran into her former love, Jedidiah and was quite disappointed at the lack of tact shown by him. Richard, fearing he was the reason for Verna's demotion, travelled to the Hagen Woods and when Maren came to retrieve him, he forced her to reinstate Verna.

Verna, a Sister once more, was finally allowed a meeting with Prelate Annalina. Ann delivered a hurtful speech to Verna, explaining that she was a person of little note, however this was a lie created by Ann to force Verna to fulfill a prophecy. She also revealed to Verna that there were Sisters of the Dark in the Palace, hoping to draw out one, whom she knew to be her administrator.

Finally broken of the Palace's teachings, Verna visited Richard and told him of all that she had learned. She told him that she has more power than any other Sister of the Light and that she would try to remove his Rada'Han, though she did not believe she would succeed as he had Subtractive Magic. Verna failed, though she did succeed at removing Warren's Rada'Han, yet Richard accepted her as his friend, due to her attempt. Richard showed her a statue that he knew to be Quillion, as Sister Liliana had tried to use it to drain his gift and life from him only moments before. Verna recognized the statue as belonging to Sister Ulicia.

Verna and Richard in the Palace of the Prophets.

Verna and Richard hurried to the Prelate's compound, knowing she was in danger and interrupted Ulicia's attack on her. Verna and Ulicia had a brief duel, before Ulicia fled. Verna saw that the Prelate was grievously wounded and she and Richard took her to Nathan Rahl to see if he could heal her.

Richard, knowing that his other teachers would be Sisters of the Dark, like Liliana, went to search for them. Before he got far, Jedidiah intercepted him and began to use his gift to do him harm. Verna appeared from behind Jedidiah, her former love, and stuck her dacra in his back, killing him instantly.

Nathan taught Verna how she could use her powers to shield Richards Rada'Han and take him safely from the Palace. Warren accompanied the two as they travelled to the land of the Baka Ban Mana. After several Baka Ban Mana joined them, including Du Chaillu, they travelled to the Great Barrier. Together with Du Chaillu, Richard was able to bring down the barrier, that had stood strong for three thousand years.

Richard then left for D'Hara upon the dragon Scarlet, while Warren and Verna returned to the Palace of the Prophets. Fortunately, he was capable of sealing the Stone of Tears in the veil; saving the world of life from the Keeper.

Imperial Order War[]


Prelate Annalina Aldurren and the prophet Nathan were found dead. It was presumed that Annalina had died from her injuries at the hands of Sister Ulicia, while it was thought that Nathan over extended himself, while attempting to heal her.

A sacred funeral rite was held for the Prelate and the man who fought so valiantly to heal her, which all of the Sister's attended. Sister Verna was devastated at the loss of the Palace's Mother, yet continued to be angry with her due to the harsh words she had spoken to her during their last meeting.

On her way back to the Palace, Verna was met by Warren. The two spoke of their worries that there might be more Sisters of the Dark in the Palace, aside from those who had escaped with Ulicia. They also admitted that they had both had feelings for each other in the past. During their return to the Palace, Kevin Andellmere appeared and informed Verna that she was wanted by Sister Leoma Marsick. Verna continued to make her way to the Palace and when she reached the bridge, she was met by Sisters Philippa, Dulcinia and Maren.

The three Sisters escorted her to the great hall, where Warren was made to wait outside. When inside, Verna's attention was caught by a stool surrounded by a halo of light. Sister Leoma confirmed Verna's suspicions that the halo was a light web. She also told Verna that atop the stool, sat the Prelate's ring of office. So far every Sister, apart from Verna, had attempted to breach the light web-unsuccessfully.

Verna made her way to the stool and before long breached the light web entirely. With the ring of office, was a message from Prelate Annalina. It contained her last order; that Verna was to succeed her as Prelate. Sister Leoma was clearly distressed by this, but offered Verna any assistance she would require as the new Prelate. Verna left the great hall and was met by an excited Warren, who she demanded find a way to have her removed from office. Warren however was adamant that she was the perfect candidate for Prelate, despite being a little young.

In her new role as the Prelate, Verna began to worry that she had become a prisoner of her station, spending all day signing papers. Her new administrators, Sisters Phoebe and Dulcinia, continuously delivered her file after file. She also had Sisters Philippa and Leoma act as her advisors on how to run the Palace of the Prophets, as they were far more experienced in the administrative affairs that were the responsibility of the Prelate. She also began to change the traditions of the Palace; outlawing the test of pain among other things.

Warren was the only person she was able to trust and they talked as much as possible. On one such occasion, they visited Sister Simona, who had gone insane, due to something she called a dream walker. Warren believed there was more to Sister Simona's illness of the mind than met the eye.


Verna slowly began to notice some discreptancies in Palace business after talking with a gravedigger who had been employed by the Sisters and inquiring after the loss of Palace horses. Later when she spoke with a Palace cleaner, Millie, who had been a close friend of Prelate Annalina, she was given a message by Millie from Ann when she had been near death; that Verna should take care to enjoy her private garden.

Subsequently, Verna encountered a small sanctuary in her private garden that had a very unusual and very powerful shield protecting it. She soon recognized that it was keyed to the Prelate's ring of office and was able to enter. After some time sitting quietly and thinking in the sanctuary, Verna discovered her old journey book. Inside was a message. Verna began to think that her suspicions that Annalina Aldurren was somehow still alive may well be correct. To make sure, she demanded that the person who had the twin to the journey book write what Ann and Verna's last conversation had been about.

The person was indeed Ann. She and Nathan had faked their deaths so as to be able to see to matters to do with prophecy. Ann apologized to Verna for the harsh things she had said in their last conversation. She finally told Verna the truth; that she was the one Sister she trusted above all others and had said those horrible things to force her to fulfill prophecy. Verna forgave Ann and received many tips from her on how to handle the Sisters and the Palace. Ann and Nathan also ordered Verna to have Warren leave the Palace, because of the danger he faced, considering he had recently given his first prophecy. Ann also put Verna in charge of discovering the rest of the Sisters of the Dark. When Verna searched for Warren, she was told by Leoma that he had left the Palace. Verna was dismayed as Warren was the one person she could trust.


Later, Verna finally discovered how to determine which Sisters were loyal to the Light or the Keeper. However, when she entered her private office, she was confronted by Sister Leoma and three other Sister's and was knocked out instantly. Sometime later, Verna awoke in the infrimary, wearing a Rada'Han. Sister Leoma later came to her and told her that she had been found guilty of being a Sister of the Dark and that the newly returned Sister Ulicia was now the Prelate. Verna told Leoma that behind the shield of her cell no one could hear her so why bother with the charade. With this, Leoma admitted to being a true Sister of the Dark.

Leoma informed Verna that she and the Sisters of the Dark had come under the control of Emperor Jagang of the Imperial Order, who was a dream walker. However, the loyalty Verna had to Richard Rahl protected her from her mind being taken as Leoma's had. Leoma, on Jagang's orders, used the Rada'Han to torture Verna to see if it was possible to break someone of their bond to the Lord Rahl. Verna failed to be broken. Later, Leoma brought Millie to clean Verna's cell. Millie screamed obscenities at Verna, however, she secretly left a dacra with her.

When Leoma next came close enough to Verna, she was able to stab her in the leg. She had Leoma tell her the names of every single Sister of the Dark and then had her remove her Rada'Han. She then asked Leoma to return to the Light, but when she refused, Verna released her Han into the dacra, killing the Sister of the Dark instantly.

Battle of the Palace of the Prophets[]

Verna then freed Sister Simona, who she realised had been mentally invaded by Jagang, teaching her of the bond to the Lord Rahl. They were then met by Millie and Sister Philippa, who remained loyal to the Light. They rallied the Sisters of the Light and engaged the Blood of the Fold and Imperial Order in battle.

During the battle, Verna ran into Kahlan Amnell and a sorceress named Adie, who she had not seen in many years. Adie helped the Sisters to do battle with their enemies, while Kahlan later met up with her beloved, Richard, who had travelled through the sliph to the Palace.

The Palace of the Prophet's was destroyed through intervention of Zeddicus Zu'l Zorander, Ann, and Nathan, though it was ultimately Richard who set off the spell that destroyed it. This was done to prevent Jagang from capturing the prophecies it contained and benefiting from the time spell on the complex.

The Sister's then collectively swore loyalty to Richard and joined with the D'Haran Army. The Sisters also reinstated Verna as their Prelate. Verna was also able to free Warren, who had been a captive of Sister Leoma's, and they openly declared their love for each other.

Taking a risk[]

Whilst travelling with the army, Verna was reminded of an ancient prophecy when the moon rose red several nights in a row. Verna was unsurprised to learn that after thee nights of the moon rising red, that on the fourth, it had not. She and her Sister's had assured General Reibisch that this would be so.

Reibisch and Verna discussed what it was that Richard had intended by having the Sisters of the Light join with the D'Haran army and what the army's next move should be. Both Verna and the General agreed that Richard had intended the Sisters to wield their gift of magic to help protect the army from the Imperial Order.

After this conversation, Verna returned to her tent and conferred briefly with Ann. She was able to aid Ann and Zedd, who accompanied her, by giving them information about the Jocopo. She also thought about the Sisters of the Light, particularly her old friends, Amelia and Janet, who were captives of Jagang. This caused her to decide that she must do anything she could to help them escape.

After making her decision, Verna went to see Warren in his tent. She immediately informed him that she had made up her mind to rescue her friends, however, she realised something was wrong with Warren mid-speech. He informed her that he had reached a new level of his ability and that his gift was killing him. He said that a prophecy he had given, stated that he must accompany her on her journey, or he would die. Verna reluctantly allowed her beloved to join her on her dangerous mission.

Some time later, Verna and Warren found shelter in a farmers barn. Warren was unconscious and Verna was able to acquire transportation from the farmer, whose daughter was gravely ill. Verna attempted to heal her, but her sickness was immune to aid from the gift.

Verna and Warren eventually made their way to Jagang's temporary fortress. Using powerful magic, they were able to enter undetected and snatch Sister Janet away and talk with her. Janet refused to escape without Amelia, who had recently converted back to the Light. They arranged a later time to escape, after Janet swore loyalty to Richard.

Jagang's prisoner[]

When Amelia and Janet met with Verna, they accused her of lying to them about the bond to the Lord Rahl that protected them from the dream walker. Janet informed her that the bond no longer held, as Richard Rahl had left the world of the living. Both Verna and Warren then felt the pain of having Jagang in their minds. Because of the gift slowly killing Warren, he regularly became unconscious. The only thing able to wake him was his loves connection to Verna. Verna's ability to wake Warren and allow him to work at prophetic tasks set by Jagang alone prevented her from being sent to the tents.

While doing these tasks, Verna and Warren were visited by a woman named Clarissa. Clarissa had been sent by the new Lord Rahl, Nathan, to retrieve certain books from Jagang's personal store, as well as the book used by Sister Amelia to start a plague on the Emperor's orders; the plague being the disease Verna had previously proved unable to heal. Clarissa was also sent to rescue Verna and Warren, who proceeded to swear loyalty to Nathan.

Rescue and betrayal[]

Clarissa also rescued Janet, Amelia and an old acquaintance; Manda Perlin. They made their way to the Hagen Woods, where they met Nathan, who set Warrens gift back to right. However, Manda, Amelia and Janet had failed to give the oath to Nathan in their hearts. Jagang used them to get in an advantageous position over Clarissa, Nathan, and Verna. Warren and the two soldiers with the small company were powerless to interfere.

It was only the timely arrival of Kahlan Amnell, through the sliph, that saved the lives of Verna and Nathan. Kahlan was able to take Amelia by surprise and kill her, while Verna used this distraction to kill Janet with her concealed dacra. However, Manda was able to slit Clarissa's throat before Warren and Nathan killed her with dual bolts of lightning.

Verna reacted coldly towards Nathan, at the death of Clarissa, and he broke her jaw with a blow to the face in response. Warren healed Verna and she immediately realised that strangely enough, Nathan actually had cared for Clarissa and apologised to him. Verna and Warren then returned to her Sisters, who remained with the D'Haran army.

Defending the D'Haran army[]

Frontline warrior[]

When Zedd arrived at the D'Haran camp, Verna, Adie, Warren, Sister Philippa and General Reibisch discussed the matters of the war and Richard's recent decision to remove himself from army affairs with the old wizard. Richard's decision in particular, irritated Verna immensely. Zedd agreed to help Verna and her Sisters learn how to use their gifts for the nasty business of war, a far cry from the usual use of their skills. Verna also began to worry due to having lost contact with Ann, who had been on her way to see Richard and Kahlan and persuade him to return as leader of D'Hara.

On a happier note, Zedd agreed to perform a marriage ceremony for Verna and Warren. However, during this conversation, the enemy attacked. Verna participated in and survived the battle, though D'Hara's commanding general, Reibisch, fell to the Order. At the end of the battle, a large number of Galeans arrived at the camp, led by none other than Kahlan. Kahlan was rather cool towards Verna, as she had been previously to Ann, having thrown her journey book in the fire; this being the reason, it was revealed, that Verna had been unable to make contact with her. Kahlan also informed everybody of Richard's abduction by the Sister of the Dark, Nicci, before leading a raid against the Imperial Order's camp.

Verna, Kahlan and Cara in battle.

Later, Verna visited Kahlan in her private tent and informed her, Adie, and Cara of a new weapon of war she had personally concocted. However, it was a weapon she took no pleasure in having masterminded. It was crushed up glass that could be spread out before the Order, using the gift, who would breath or blink it in, cutting open their insides and blinding them, slowly and painfully. While having this conversation the Order raided the D'Haran camp and all four women were nearly killed when their tent was brought down around them. After escaping the fallen tent, Verna cut down enemy soldiers around her with her gift. When the raid was put down, it was soon reported that the Order's entire force was moving in to crush them.

Verna and Kahlan atop a single horse and Sister Philippa and Cara on another, then rode out to meet the Order, under cover of Warren and Zedd's magical attacks on the enemy. The two pairs then spread out Verna's special glass in the air in front of the Order, before fleeing through the passes of D'Hara. Kahlan and Verna's relationship was vastly improved after this.

Marriage and the pain of loss[]

Verna was also present when Prince Harold of Galea arrived with merely one thousand troops instead of the expected one hundred thousand. Harold informed everyone of Queen Cyrilla's return to the throne and her intention to leave the unified D'Haran Empire. Harold was sentenced to death and it was either, Adie, Verna, Warren, or Zedd who performed the deed, Kahlan wishing not to be enlightened as to which.

Shortly after, Verna and Warren were finally married, by Zedd and Adie. Their ceremony provided a brief time of entertainment for the troops. The army then moved into the Midlands and evacuated the city of Aydindril so as to deny the Imperial Order the satisfaction of conquering it.

Warren and Verna's happiness, was sadly, short-lived. The Imperial Order performed another raid upon the D'Haran camp. A young man named Gadi attacked and stabbed a young novice named Holly and Warren saved her; however, he was mortally wounded in the process. He died with one last kiss from Verna, leaving her heartbroken. Verna sentenced Gadi to be tortured throughout the night, until such a time as she would come to watch him die. Cara respectfully performed this task for Verna. Warren's death also sparked Kahlan into leaving the D'Haran camp in search of Richard, as Gadi had revealed his location.

Later, Ann once more contacted Verna through the journey book, having had it mended and Verna tearfully told her of her heartbreak.

Defending the passes[]

Verna and her Sisters proceeded to shield and seal the passes into D'Hara with every sort of nasty magic they could muster. However, after Warren's death, Verna simply did her duty with very little passion for life. Verna continued to deal with the paperwork that came with the office of Prelate and on one such occasion was interrupted by the Mord-Sith, Rikka.

Rikka told Verna of her encounter with a Sister of the Dark, who she overheard being punished mentally by Jagang, himself. Rikka proceeded to kill the Sister, but not before the Sister announced that Jagang's forces were on the move. Verna and D'Hara's new commanding general Benjamin Meiffert, realized that the time of the final battle was approaching. Through the journey book, Verna was also told by Ann that she must ensure that a wagon was allowed through the passes of D'Hara safely.

Verna had the general inform all officers of this and when a wagon did arrive, it was allowed through. The wagon was carrying a young girl, with a message from Emperor Jagang. The message announced that he had captured Zedd, Adie, and the Wizard's Keep and that his Slide would soon bring him Lord Rahl and the Mother Confessor.

Verna was greatly unnerved by Zedd and Adie's capture, not to mention the fact that the Wizard's Keep was in the hands of the Order. Verna counselled that Jagang was likely telling the truth, as he was not the kind of man to boast idly. She also informed Meiffert, Zimmer, and Rikka as to what a Slide was; a soul stealer. It was also Verna who authored a return message to Jagang, signing it as the Mother Confessor, to achieve the maximum affect.

Verna was later asked to take care of a wagon that was approaching the D'Haran shields. Verna took a chance and allowed the wagon through the passes and several families were within, along with Adie. The old sorceress informed Verna that several people had appeared out of nowhere to rescue herself and Zedd, including Rikka who had gone with Zedd to reclaim the Wizard's Keep. The miracle of Adies return was the first thing to bring joy back to Verna's life since Warren's death.

The Chainfire Effect[]

Holes in Prophecy[]

After the Chainfire effect happens, Verna loses her memories of Kahlan along with everyone else, except for Richard, the Sisters of the Dark who case the Chainfire spell, and Jagang. She cannot recall how she was able to take Richard to the Palace of the Prophets. Along with Berdine, Verna checks the books in the library to see if they have any information about Richard and what he must do to defeat the Imperial Order. They discover that many of the books are missing pages but don't know why. Verna then goes to look at the Garden of Life. While there she tells General Trimack to watch the Boxes of Orden and that they cannot leave the garden. However Trimack cannot protect the Boxes as Kahlan steals them under Ulicia's orders because Chainfire erases the memory of seeing Kahlan in the Garden.

Dissolution of the army[]

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Defending the People's Palace[]

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End of the War[]

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Personality and traits[]

Verna Sauventreen, at the conclusion of her journey.

Prelate, men have uncontrollable urges."
"So do I, but with the Creator's help I've so far managed not to strangle anyone.
―A Sister of the Light and Verna

Verna was a tall woman with long curly brown hair. She appeared to be in her late thirties or early forties, but was in fact close to one hundred and sixty years old, young for a Sister of the Light. Despite being one of the younger Sisters, Verna appeared to be among the middle aged Sisters, as the journey she was sent on lasted twenty years, rather than the standard one year journey, and she was hence deprived of the effects that the anti-aging spell the Palace provided. Verna was an attractive, mature woman with dark eyes, but was not averse to scowling.

Verna was confident in herself and in the cause of the Creator. She was a hard woman who had been forced to kill before. Though not shallow, Verna lost confidence in her appearance after returning to the Palace with Richard, because she had aged while her friends looked hardly a day older. Warren helped Verna to see that aging was a beautiful thing and they then realize their love for each other. Verna also was quick to anger, and repeatedly mentioned wanting to strangle people who frustrated her.

Like most Sisters, including Prelate Annalina, Verna believed in the importance of prophecy. She realized that Richard was the only hope for the New World to triumph in the war against the Imperial Order, but also knew that he was their hope because of his tendency to use his free will.

Powers and Abilities[]

Even as a young novice, Verna was considered talented with the gift, and was noted by Warren as having wielded her Han more assuredly than the other novices. On her twenty year journey away from the Palace of the Prophets, Verna became extremely gifted in the use of a dacra, and was considered a deadly opponent when armed with the symbolic weapon of the Sisters of the Light. Verna was very knowledgeable in many aspects of magic, having studied it her entire life, and had an understanding of the powers of a dacra and Rada'Han that surpassed that of the aged Sister Leoma.[1]

Verna's powers increased dramatically at the conclusion of her journey when she was forced to absorb the Han of both Sisters Grace and Elizabeth.[2] This effectively gave her the magical ability of three sorceresses, distinguishing her as the most powerful Sister of the Light.[1] Indeed, Verna acknowledged that while she lacked the ability to use Subtractive Magic, she was more powerful with Additive Magic than any Sister of the Dark; a factor which ensured that none of them could breach the magical shields created by Verna to protect the D'Haran passes during the Imperial Order War.[3]

Martial Magic: Prelate Verna was extremely talented in the application of offensive magic, having studied all forms of the gift during her training as a Sister of the Light and through further instruction with First Wizard Zeddicus Zu'l Zorander during the Imperial Order War. She was capable of producing blasts of fire, as she did during a brief battle with Sister Ulicia in the Prelate's compound, and could manipulate air so that it would be sharper and more lethal than any sword. The Prelate was also capable of unleashing telekinetic blasts of power so strong that they were capable of killing a person upon impact with a wall or the ground. Bolstering Verna's aptitude for offensive magic was the fact that she had absorbed the Han of two other Sisters.

Defensive Magic: In addition to using magic offensively, Verna was particularly skilled in using her gift to create impenetrable magical shields to protect herself and others. Most notably, Verna was responsible for creating the shields that successfully defended the D'Haran passes, even against the likes of Jagang's Sisters of the Dark.

Healing: Verna had some talents in using her gift to heal injuries and was able to use her gift to sense the extent of a persons wounds. Despite her high station as the Prelate, Verna was known to personally help heal wounded soldiers during the war and linked her gift with Nathan Rahl and several other Sisters in order to heal the grievously wounded Adie at the People's Palace.

Dacra combat: Verna was probably the most skilled user of the dacra among the Sisters of the Light, and was known to have used it with lethal efficiency on several occasions.

Behind the scenes[]

  • Verna is played by actress Alison Bruce in the television series Legend of the Seeker. She made her debut to the series in the second season episode "Light", reprising her role for the episodes "Dark", "Perdition" and "Tears". Her series appearance to date has generally followed the thread of her biography in the books: she was among the Sisters of the Light who found Richard and brought him to the Palace of the Prophets, then became Richard's closest supporter among the Sisters. At some point following "Perdition", she left the Palace of the Prophets as a result of her deep disagreements with the Prelate over the roles Kahlan and Richard were to play in defeating the Keeper (Ann wished to imprison them in the Palace, while Verna felt that letting them continue their quest would better serve prophecy). In "Tears", she and another rogue Sister of the Light rally an order of monks to try and warn Richard that the Keeper walks the world in the guise of a child he has just rescued. Though her efforts initially fail, Verna's faith proves well-placed when Kahlan creates a new Stone of Tears, from tears of her own, that is used to defeat the Keeper.


Notes and references[]