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Victor Cascella was the master blacksmith of Altur'Rang, originally from Cavatura, and the de facto leader of the city's fight for freedom.


Early Life[]


Victor was charged with producing the tools necessary to build the Emperor's budding palace, along with the metal spell-forms that would be a part of it. At the time of Richard and Nicci's arrival at Altur'Rang, Victor was one of few individuals that yearned for freedom. This freedom was eventually delivered after the uprising of the people against the Order and the Brothers upon witness of the statue (and its destruction) that Richard had carved in honor of life, his highest ideal. Throughout Richard's tribulations in Altur'Rang, Victor was a constant companion and loyal friend of Richard's, and the two often spent time indulging in lardo in the free time that Richard had between his carvings at the Retreat and the carving of the palace's statue. The fine Cavatura marble used for the statue was supplied by Victor himself, as was the room in which Richard carved. Cascella was the first citizen of Altur'Rang to declare himself free, after the destruction of Richard's statue, Life.

Revolutionary leader[]

Victor was seen to be the de facto leader of the freedom fighters of Altur'Rang, as they faced the assault of a retaliatory force sent by Emperor Jagang to reclaim the dream walker's hometown. He led the defensive forces of the city to slaughter the Order's soldiers, after they were baited by a reformed Nicci's brutal slaughter of two of the Order's wizards, along with a great deal of soldiers from the retaliatory force. He sent word to Richard via Nicci that the people of Altur'Rang were free, and intended to stay that way.

Personality and traits[]