Violet was the daughter of Milena and the former Princess of Tamarang, who ascended to the level of Queen; though she served in this capacity as the puppet of Six, who eventually usurped the throne. Violet was later killed by her own creations through her talents with artistry; the ghostie gobblies, that were redirected against her through artistry by Rachel.

Biography Edit

Princess Violet was severely injured when Richard Rahl kicked her in the jaw while she was torturing him under the guidance of the Mord-Sith Denna. Due to this injury she lost her tongue, several teeth, and suffered a broken jaw. Richard kicked her while hanging from his wrists in the dungeon of the palace of Tamarang. This attack surprised Denna greatly because he should not have been able to do so while under the control of any Mord-Sith. It was remarked by Queen Milena shortly afterwards that the palace healers didn't know if Princess Violet would survive or not.

She was eventually healed by the witch woman, Six. Once healed, she became the Queen of Tamarang. It was revealed in addition, that she held the gift of artistry, like her distant relative James.

Six acted as an adviser to her new Queen, though in reality, Violet was nothing more than Six's puppet. Six tutored Violet in the use of her newly discovered ability, so as to put her to use in her fiendish schemes.

When sufficiently trained, Six had Violet use her ability to close off Richard Rahl from his gift and she then captured him. However, when Richard was able to kill a great deal of Imperial Order soldiers who were present in Tamarang due to negotiations between Violet and Jagang to bring Tamarang under the Emperor's control, Six lost Richard to the commander of the forces.

Violet became violent at Six's failure and when she attempted to punish her, Six flexed her undoubted power as a witch woman and usurped the throne of Tamarang from Violet.

After this Six allowed Violet to remain simply so she could make use of her artistry abilities. Whilst Six was away, Violet created the ghostie gobblies, which she set upon Rachel. This spell caused Rachel to make her way to the sacred caves of Tamarang, where she used her own abilities to turn Violet's own creations against her.

Personality and traits Edit

Violet was a little girl with stubby fingers, a plump neck, a big nose, and long, dull, brown hair. She often wore pretty pink or pale blue satin dresses and jewelery that was too large for her. She enjoyed causing pain and misery to her playmate, Rachel, while she was in the palace, as well as modeling her mother's fine jewelry. She had a high, squeaky, snorting laugh. Like her mother, she was cruel and had no regard for human life. Rachel was even able to frighten one guard into disobeying Darken Rahl's direct orders, saying that she(Violet) liked chopping heads off, especially on her birthday.

One of Princess Violet's favorite places in the palace was the Queen's jewel room. It featured a shiny, polished wall of little wooden drawers with gold handles, which held all kinds of sparkling jewelry - necklaces, bracelets, brooches, tiaras, rings, etc. In addition, there was a tall wood-framed mirror for admiring oneself in. Princess Violet would spend all day in this room, trying on one piece of jewelry after another, then primping and turning in front of the tall mirror. In addition, the jewel room held the last Box of Orden.

Princess Violet's room was down a hallway past a number of dark wooden doors with pointed tops. The door to her bedroom was similar, but larger, a double door set back in a little hall, with stone carving all around. She had a big canopy bed and a bed cover with flowers that matched the canopy and curtains. The room also featured a large, lockable, metal box that she would force Rachel to sleep inside of.

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In Legend of the Seeker, Violet is portrayed by actress Maisy McLeod-Riera.