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Richard and company stop at a tavern for provisions, after leaving, one of the bar patrons who was a former high-ranking officer in the Dragon Corps shares a story with another patron about a man he met named Walter who would comically impersonate Darken Rahl for entertainment. Identical in appearance, Walter was taken to Rahl and conditioned to become a decoy when the circumstances called for it. Walter fled D'Hara after Rahl was killed and after much searching was rediscovered by his old friend whom had devised a plot to steal the late Lord Rahl's gold treasure from the Mord-Sith temple by having Walter impersonate Rahl again. Their plan nearly succeeded until a Dragon Corps general, the only other man who knew that Walter was an impostor arrived. When Walter was about to be executed for his deeds, Rahl appeared and ordered his servants to spare Walter in the even that he'd be needed.

Some months later, Rahl brings together all the necessary people in order for him to be resurrected into Walter's body. However, a Mord-Sith slave named Mika whom Walter has fallen for helps Walter escape and they subsequently encounter Richard, Kahlan, Cara, Zedd, and a confessed Sister of the Dark. They learn of Rahl's and soon after Rahl appears to them himself confirming so, however his servants are in possession of the scroll that Richard has been hunting for and if he wanted it unharmed he would need to help him resurrect. With no other options Richard agrees, and offers to fulfill Walter's wish of having a new body so he'd no longer appear like Darken Rahl. Walter chooses a recently slain Dragon Corps soldier and is then killed and resurrected into the soldier's body. Immediately after, they resurrect Rahl into Walters body.

Rahl proceeds to the Mord-Sith temple and gets the scroll from one of his servants and returns it to Richard. However, before leaving the temple he spoke a coded message to his general alerting him that he would be in danger. After Rahl left, the general mustered a small contingent of Mord Sith and D'Haran soldiers to liberate Rahl. When they located him with Richard and company, the ensuing battle allows for Rahl to escape. Richard believed it best not to kill him just yet, as Rahl had read the scroll and if killed could inform The Keeper of their quest and thwart their mission to find the Stone of Tears.

Walter also escapes with Mika (the woman who helped him escape) along with Rahl's treasure. He manages to find his old friend who is in the same tavern as in the beginning of the episode, Walter (now in the soldiers new body) isn't recognized at first but proves his identity to his friend and then shares that he's succeeded in getting Rahl's treasure as well as "the right woman" and they can all now flee to their original destination.

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  • Kevin J. Wilson as General Egremont
  • Harry van Gorkum as Malray
  • Katrina Law as Garren
  • Kyle Pryor as D'Haran/Walter

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  • Faye Kingslee as Mika

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