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Stop looking so young and innocent all the time, Warren. It's just plain irritating.
―Cara, Faith of the Fallen

Warren was a wizard with a talent for prophecy, who spent most of his life at the Palace of the Prophets. He would later become a gifted asset of the D'Haran Army and marry his beloved Verna Sauventreen, before his death at the hands of an Imperial Order assassin.


Warren was a wizard from the Old World who lived at the Palace of the Prophets in Tanimura. He was gifted with the ability of Prophecy. Although his appearance is that of a young man in his late 20's, it is revealed that he is over 150 years old as the Palace of the Prophets is spelled with a bifurcated web to slow the effects of time on anyone within its walls.

Richard Rahl meets Warren not long after coming to the Palace, who is interested in him because he is the Seeker of Truth and "The Bringer of Death" as described in several prophecies Warren has been studying. He was known as "Mole", a derogatory nickname given to him by the residents of The Palace of the Prophets, because he spent most of his time in the underground vaults studying the various prophecies held there. He knew that he was referred to as "Mole", but rather than take offense, he embraced the name because "a mole can find its way in the dark, where others are blind" which was analogous to his understanding of the prophecies. Over the duration of Richard's time at the Palace, Warren and Richard became fast friends. In return for his friendship and assistance with the prophecies involving himself, Richard helped Warren overcome his anxiety of the outdoors. Warren was infatuated with the Novice in charge of Richard, Pasha, who in turn, barely knows of his existence. Pasha is fooled into thinking that Richard is evil and attempts to kill him, Warren witnessing the events unfolds uses magic to push Pasha over a balcony where she plunged to her death. Sister Verna took it upon herself to remove Warren's Rada'Han, releasing him from the captivity of the Palace of the Prophets.

After Sister Verna is appointed to the position of the Prelate of the Sisters of the Light, Warren stayed at the Palace of the Prophets to assist the Prelate in her attempts to uncover the Sisters of the Dark who remained at the Palace. It was during this time that Warren gave his first prophecy about the "False Prelate". The Prelate and Warren worked together to uncover the truth about Verna's predecessor, Prelate Annalina Aldurren and the Prophet Nathan Rahl. Warren was captured and later rescued by Prelate Verna and escaped from captivity before the Palace of the Prophets was destroyed by a light web cast by First WizardZeddicus Zu'l Zorander that was inadvertently ignited by Richard Rahl.

After leaving the Palace, Warren, along with the Sisters of the Light, assist the D'Haran Empire in its fight against the Imperial Order. After Warren begins to get headaches caused by the newly awakened prophecy aspect of the Gift he receives a vision that he must travel with Prelate Verna to the Old World in an attempt to rescue Verna's friends or he will surely die. While attempting to rescue Verna's friends, the bond that protects those loyal to Richard is disrupted when Richard enters the Temple of the Winds and thus, leaves the world of life. As a result, the Dream Walker is able to enter Warren and Verna's minds and forces Warren to help him decipher books of prophecy. He is later rescued by the Prophet Nathan Rahl who is able to put his gift back in balance.

Over time Warren and Verna fall in love and are married to each other in Faith of the Fallen. Warren and Zedd assist the forces of the D'Haran Empire along with the Sisters of the Light to counter the gifted among the Imperial Order's forces. Warren was mortally wounded by an Imperial Order assassin named Gadi. Gadi had attacked and stabbed a gifted child named Holly who was in the care of the Sisters of the Light. Warren who was close to Holly attempted to seize the knife and save Holly, but was himself stabbed by the assassin. Despite Zedd and the Sister's attempt to save him, his wounds were too grievous and he survived only long enough to say his goodbyes to his wife, Verna, and to tell the Mother Confessor, Kahlan, that Richard's vision of the war was correct.

It was suspected that Warren had earlier forseen his own death, but did nothing to alter events as he knew that doing so could cost the D'Haran forces the war and result in a greater loss of life.

Personality and traits[]

Warren had long, curly blond hair and brilliant blue eyes, which held intelligence beyond his apparent years. Having lived at the Palace of the Prophets for over one hundred and fifty years, he looked much younger than Verna, yet she was only a year older than him. He was often dressed in a long violet robe, with silver at the cuffs.

Because he appeared so young people were often surprised at the intelligence Warren possessed. He appeared to know a little about everything and his gift was that of prophecy, although he was skilled at healing and possessed other abilities as well.

Powers and abilities[]

Warren only ever had a passing talent for conventional wizardry, but was extremely adept at working with prophecy. He studied prophecy constantly during his stay at the Palace of the Prophets, which later came to fruition in the form of his first prophecy at the end of Stone of Tears.