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Don't be naive. This isn't Westland.
―Kahlan to Richard[src]

Westland is one of three lands that makes up the New World. Like its name suggests, Westland is the westernmost land in the New World. When the boundaries were raised, Westland became a land without magic. Also in Westland the status of a woman could not be seen at her hair-length like in the Midlands.

Westland was governed by a First Councilor who was responsible for all towns and villages in Westland. He also his the leader of Westlands army. The First Councilor was selected by all councilors from Westland. The First councilor had a personal home guard for his own protection. The last known First Councilor was Michael Cypher, the step-brother of Richard Rahl.

Richard Rahl grew up in Westland. When Richard found out he must find a way across the boundary, he figured out that there's a way to cross the boundary without going through the underworld, as nothing magical was in Westland when the boundary went up. Since the Book of Counted Shadows was there, and was magical, he knew his father had found a way to cross it and bring the book back. This path was known as King's Port.

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