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We are as good as dead.
Kahlan Amnell on dealing with witch women

A witch woman is a powerfully gifted woman, more rare than both wizards and sorceresses. Witch women are known for their ability to ensnare the minds of those they encounter, and for their unusual affinity to the magic of visions and prophecy. They are the female counterpart of prophets, gifted men with the ability to receive prophecy.



The feared witch woman Shota

Little is known about witch women other than that they have the ability to see events in the flow of time. Witch women can't always call upon this part of their gift at will and often have spontaneous visions of what is to come. It was said that using this part of her ability comes at a cost for a witch woman. Witches commonly have visions of the futures of their daughters and because witch women ride the eddies of time, they are aware of the magic a gifted individual is attempting to use against them prior to the individual being able to do so. This allows the witch to prevent her opponent from making the necessary connections to ignite their power. However, there are techniques that can overcome a witch woman's ability to use this aspect of their gift effectively, but they are know only to a few, including First Wizard Zeddicus Zu'l Zorander.

Witch women cannot help bewitching those who go near them. It is part of who they are and their unique gift. A witch woman subconsciously bewitches people who set eyes upon her and a person who falls under such an enchantment is a witch woman's to command. Such a spell can be broken. This is one reason witch women have a deep hatred of Confessors. A Confessor's power over others is final and complete, while a witch's is not.

Each witch woman's gift is different from any other. It is said that it is best not to get on the bad side of a witch, as they are notoriously dangerous and will go to great lengths to have their revenge. The seventh child of a witch is special to her, for unknown reasons.


Little is known about the history of witch women in the world, probably because they are extremely reclusive and value their privacy. Wizards and sorceresses alike fear them greatly due to their mysterious powers and ability to prevent an individual from using their gift. It has never been proven but is highly likely that witch women produce offspring the same way most Confessors do, by bewitching men.


Succubi are a type of witch woman who have the power to absorb vitality through sex. Men find them irresistible and the succubus is able to tempt them with physical pleasure, trapping them as she drains them to nothing more than a husk. If a succubus gets pregnant she is doomed as the child drains the mother of energy the same way they drain energy from men. A child born from a succubus will always be a girl and a succubus. Baby succubi are weak and able to be killed through normal means.

Known witches[]

  • Red
  • Shota
  • Six
  • Shota's mother
  • Six's mother
  • Shale
  • Nea
  • Sorrel
  • Niska
  • Thebe
  • Yara
  • Unnamed (Tall, skinny, part of Shota’s Coven)
  • Unnamed (Short, sour faced, part of Shota’s Coven)
  • Unnamed (Short, peg legged part of Shota’s Coven)

Note: Three other unnamed witches were part of 12 witches Shota called, yet were not mentioned outside of their role as part of the coven.