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Nothing is ever easy.
―Most wizards

A wizard is a man who could use magic by virtue of his Han. A wizard is the male counterpart to a sorceress.


There is no recorded history to who was the first wizard, the most information we have is back three thousand years to the great war period.

The most famous and essential act of magic ever performed by the wizards was the creation of the Confessors and the Seekers. The Confessors and the Seekers are two "weapons" meant to preserve the truth at all costs, giving justice and order the chance to defeat infamy and evil. The magic used to create these individuals and their various tools like the Sword of Truth is some of the most powerful ever seen.


There were two types of wizards: those born with The Gift and those born with The Calling. Wizards with the gift are stronger than wizards who simply have the calling, as it is natural to the gifted. A gifted wizard is required in teaching one with the calling as well. That gifted wizard can enhance the spark of the gift within a man with the calling wishing to be a wizard.

Gifted wizards are able to use either one or two sides of magic. Wizards of old were born with both Additive and Subtractive Magic. As time went on, and because of the actions of some traitorous wizards in the last great war, it became less common for wizards to be born with the gift of both sides, until eventually, Subtractive Magic became extinct.

Wizards use the world and the elements around them to invoke magic. Additive magic allows them to enhance, add to, manipulate, or multiply something or some effect to create otherwise impossible phenomena. While Subtractive allows them to remove something from existence by sending it to the underworld. The most commonly recognized power of wizard is Wizard's Fire, a powerful, liquid ball of flame that burns anything it comes in contact with. Even the drops from this liquid fire are deadly and have a life of their own.

For some spells they use a Wizard's Rock, which helps them invoke the magic. Zedd had a Wizard's Rock which he used for some magic spells, such as putting up the barriers.

A wizard is capable of things beyond that of a sorceress, due to the fact that male Hans are naturally more powerful than female Hans. The exceptions are the Sisters of the Dark, because they have stolen the Han from a Wizard and have added it to their own Han.

All Wizards sleep with their eyes open. They also have peculiar and erratic eating habits.

Wizards are closely affiliated with the Confessors, and are bound to them in loyalty and guidance similarly to the way they are bounds to Seekers.

The Wizard Order[]

Not much is known about how wizards teach and learn, but what is known is that there is an order to the wizards. A wizard of the First Order is the highest of this order, in command of all other wizards and are born with the gift. Wizards of the Second and Third Order only have the calling. Certain requirements must be met in order for a Wizard of the Third Order to progress to the Second Order.

The wizards invest most of their time and energy in the protection of and collaboration with the Confessors, whose order they created to preserve justice and truth in the Midlands. A wizard is always assigned to be the traveling companion and protector of a Confessor leaving Aydindril to take a confession or perform her duties in some other fashion.

All wizards are meant to guide their lives and actions with the Wizard's Rules, of which there are ten written and one unwritten. Wizard's Rules give wisdom on life, people, and morality, and to be able to understand and use them is a sign of great power. For example, Richard Rahl's ability to use Wizard's First Rule, "people are stupid," against Zeddicus Zu'l Zorander, allowed Zedd to determine that Richard was gifted.

First Wizard[]

For more information: Wizard of the First Order

First Wizard is the title given to the wizard with the ability to pass all the tests to become a member of the First Order and to have more power than any other member of that class. He is the most senior-ranking wizard and has the authority to order any other wizard. The First Wizards Enclave is a huge office reserved for the First Wizard only. The First Wizard resides in Aydindril, in the Wizard's Keep.

Zeddicus Zu'l Zorander was a notable First Wizard. The only other persons mentioned to have held this position were Baraccus, Merritt and Richard Rahl.

Types of wizards[]

War Wizard[]

For more information: War Wizard

A War Wizard is a wizard that was born with the gifts of both Additive Magic and Subtractive Magic. War Wizards can use their Han on instinct alone, and there is very little control that they can have over their magic. Only War Wizards who understand Wizard's Eleventh Rule can use magic by choice. Many years before the time of the books a vast majority of wizards were born with both additive and subtractive magic but they usually were only proficient in one or two types of magic. Before Richard Rahl was born, there hadn't been a war wizard born for three thousand years. Baraccus was the only other mentioned War Wizard.


For more information: Prophecy

A Prophet is a wizard that also has the special gift of prophecy. Prophets get visions of the future from time to time and translated those visions to words or other physical representations so that future generations can heed the warnings. Many, including the Sisters of the Light considered prophecy to be dangerous and not for the ungifted to hear. Known Prophets: Nathan Rahl, Warren


A Crafter uses the gift to create items or trinkets that are often spelled or have some other magical properties. The Rada'Han, Dacra, quillion, Mriswith cloak, Journey Books and Constructed Magic are examples of Crafting. Jedidiah focused on crafting and created the sword wielded by Lilliana against Richard in Stone of Tears. The sculpture, Spirit, that Richard created for Kahlan along with the sculpture Life at the palace in Altur'Rang were examples of a wizard using the gift of Crafting in conjunction with Making.


Makers, even back during the first great war, were rare and feared by many. They were able to think outside all the rules about magic to create new spells. Without Makers, magic would become stagnant, there would be no progress because every other Wizard thinks within the confines of the rules about magic which they know are true. Makers do not break these rules, they merely find new ways of doing things that are then taken and new rules for those particular forms of new magic are created. Makers were the ones who created many of the weapons used in the Great War. A Maker is just a specific manifestation of the gift in some Wizards. The primary difference between a Crafter and a Maker is that the Crafter is not creating something wholly new. The Crafter copies the processes and spells laid out by a Maker. War Wizards also exhibit this manifestation. Known Makers: Merrit, Barracus, Sulachan, Joseph Ander, Alric Rahl, Richard Rahl.

Known wizards[]

Wizards from the Great War[]

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