A wizard's rock is a massive flat rock with magical properties used by wizards. The surface of the wizard's rock can be "stirred" by a wizard, causing light to come forth with sparkles and colors swirling around. There is no sound, only the pleasant smell of a spring rain. The light itself feels warm against the skin and tingles, as if lying in the hot summer sun without clothes, after a swim. It is a very warm, safe, wondrous feeling, like floating in water that fills you with exhilaration.

It can give the mind a buoyant, timeless connection to everything around, the trees, the grass, the bugs, the birds, the animals all around, the water, the very air itself; not as a separate being, but part of a whole. It can give you a new understanding of the connection of everything and allow you to see through the eyes of all the creatures around, even the birds overhead, in a shocking, marvelous insight. It can allow you to let your identity scatter to the winds, becoming no one and everyone, to feel the heat of their needs, smell their fear, taste their joy, understand their desires. It can allow you to melt everything away into nothingness, until there is a void where you stand, alone in the universe, the only living thing, the only thing existing at all.

By letting the light flow through you, you can bring the others that have used that rock for untold years, thousands of years, one and all, allowing their essence to flow through you and share themselves with you. It is rumored to be even more exhilarating while naked, as clothes interfere with the experience.

Using the wizard's rock often causes a person to feel more relaxed, clearheaded and not as overpowered or depressed and can cause the weight of one's responsibilities to feel less like a burden and more like an opportunity. Zeddicus Zu'l Zorander could use his wizard's rock to speak to his dead parents from the Underworld. Zedd could also shrink or grow the wizard rock at will, and fit it in his pocket. Wizard's rocks are typically passed on from parent to child. Zedd also lets Adie use the rock after he has recovered from his illness during Wizard's First Rule