Zimmer was the captain who took over Meiffert's special forces, when Meiffert was promoted to General. These forces were known to be extremely formidable and ruthless, collecting the right ears of each of their targets, as proof of the deed. They only collected the right ears so as not to be accused of taking both ears from the same target. Kahlan Amnell used these men to great affect by making them a come and go as they please, sneaking into the enemy camp and discreetly kill as many as they liked. they continued this practice even after the D'Haran Empire closed their border with magic to stop Jagang army. this was one of the reason Zimmer and his men were able to come to the rescue of Zedd and Adie after Jagang took them prisoner. Adie followed them back to the camp with the family that were used to get Zedd and her to coopperate with the Order.

He and his special forces were later tasked to bring the war to the Old World, to publically and brutally dispach of any Brother of the Order, or any person publically teaching about the glory of the Order, which discouraged further public teaching.

After Miffert's death against the half people, Zimmer was promoted to General.

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